Smart Heating Controls

There are now a plethora of ‘Smart Heating Controls’ on the market. Tado, Nest, Hive and Evohome are just a few you may or may not have heard of. What are they and what do they do? Traditional heating controls consisted of a programmer to allow the heating to come on and off at set times and a thermostat to set the temperature when the heating is on. The next step was the programmable roomstat, this enabled different temperatures at different times of the day.

The current crop of smart controls offer a little bit more.


Tado is a wireless thermostat that is controlled by an APP. You can program your heating times via the APP and it also senses when you leave home by tracking your mobile phone and automatically adjusts the temperature. It does not offer any zoning capability and needs an internet connection to work.


Hive is exclusive to British Gas and is similar to Tado in that it uses your mobile phone to track when you are home, it can also be controlled by an APP


Nest is a wireless ‘learning thermostat’ It replaces your existing thermostat and programmer. It learns your heating habits and automatically adjusts the heating to suit. It can be controlled remotely by an APP. It does not offer zoning.


Evohome from Honeywell is the daddy of smart heating controls. The basic controller allows control of up to 12 heating zones, plus hot water. Individual radiators can be controlled by wireless TRVs or broader zone control by motorised valves is possible. Like the other systems mentioned above, Evohome can be controlled by an APP but does not need the internet connection to work. For larger properties, two controllers can be linked together to give control of 24 zones. Honeywell have recently introduced a single zone connected thermostat.

We are certified Nest and Evohome installers,offering a professional installation service for these products.