CGCS What is it all about?

Capita, for those of you who don’t know run the Gas Safe Register on behalf of the HSE. They took over this role from CORGI in 2009. Many members of the public are still under the mistaken impression the gas installers are CORGI registered. To be on the register, we have to prove our competence to work safely with gas and are re-tested every 5 years. Now Capita has come up with a new voluntary scheme called CGCS (Capita Gas Compliance Services). They claim “The new gas safety scheme is aimed at organisations that meet the legal requirement for gas safety, and want to demonstrate that they exceed it. We want to help those people get the recognition they deserve“, thereby implying that those of us who choose to just remain on the Gas Safe Register do not exceed gas safety requirements, really, so we all just bumble along just doing the bare minimum do we? I find that an insult, why do these people think we have to pay and belong to yet another scheme, to go beyond the bare minimum, well here is a fact for you, WE DON’T, most of us take our responsibility to gas safety very seriously and we do not need to pay someone for another sticker for the van to prove it.

In my view, this scheme will only serve to confuse the public,many of whom do not even realise that CORGI no longer run the gas register.

My customers are not interested in membership of any schemes, they choose me on my reputation, which is hard earned over many years. So along with myriad other attempts to earn money off the backs of hard working tradesmen, I will be giving this one a swerve.