“In the hole”

Having watched the thrilling European victory in the Ryder Cup on Sunday evening, I have come to the conclusion that American golf fans must be among the most moronic sports fans in the world. The chant of “In the hole” every time one of their countrymen hits a shot must be the most boring sound in sport. The cheers that resounded from the home ‘fans’ everytime a European player missed a putt or hit a wayward drive had to be heard to be believed. Whatever happened to the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship? Thankfully the home crowd grew quieter as their heroes gradually faded away against the onslaught by the Europeans and by the time Kaymer sank the winning putt the only voices to be heard were from the visiting fans. At least the American players maintained their dignity and lost with good grace, the way sport should be played.

Bring on the next edition at Gleneagles!

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