PC Gone Mad in the Plumbing Industry

Who would have thought it but PC is alive and kicking in the plumbing industry.  Look at any article in the national or trade press these days and it is odds on that you will see a picture of a female plumber.http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/jan/12/plumbers-energy-efficient-homes-engineers?CMP=twt_gu is a prime example.

What is wrong with this you might ask?  Well it is totally unrepresentative of the plumbing and heating industry. Yes there are a few female plumbers and I am sure the majority do a very good job, but they only represent a tiny proportion of the industry. Summit Skills, the Sector Skills Council for the building services engineering sector in the UK, has estimated that there are approximately 160 000 plumbers in the UK but less than one percent are female. You wouldn’t think so judging by the coverage in the media.

I am sure there are a few 6ft tall, black, male nurses in the UK, but I don’t see their pictures draped all over media coverage.

I have nothing against female plumbers, or females doing any other job if they are competent to do it, but let’s see realistic media coverage instead of ‘political correctness’.

Thanks to Chris Flaherty for bringing this to my attention

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