A David Attenborough moment.

On our travels we are used to seeing all sorts of sights. As we cover rural parts of Berkshire we see various forms of wildlife quite regularly, rabbits, dear, foxes, red kites, parakeets and herons are regular sights. Last week we were working in suburban Walton-on-Thames which nearly had to be re-labelled Walton-In-Thames due to the recent flooding. 20140117_111858While working in a bedroom, changing a radiator, my young assistant happened to look out of the window and spot this fellow. He had climbed on the roof of next door’s shed and then attempted to walk along the top of the fence between the two gardens, only to fall off and be chased by next door’s dog. He jumped over the fence and up onto a bank at the bottom of the garden where he sat for a while to recover before trotting off on his way.



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