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What is a combi boiler?

A combi or combination boiler has two functions, one is to supply heat via the radiators or underfloor heating, the other is to supply instantaneous hot water.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of a combi boiler?


No hot water storage cylinder needed.  No cold water storage cistern in the loft. Hot water available instantly 24 hours per day. No standing losses from stored hot water.


The flow of hot water is limited by a combination of the incoming mains pressure and the output power of the boiler, meaning that if several outlets are used at the same time, the flow to each will be reduced.

What makes a condensing boiler more efficient?

A condensing boiler utilises some of the heat normally lost through the flue gases, by cooling the flue gases, causing them to condense.  To operate in condensing mode it is important that the water returning to the boiler is at a low enough temperature to allow this to happen.

How reliable are modern boilers?

Modern boilers are complex pieces of machinery and inevitably things can go wrong. We only fit boilers that experience shows to be reliable and with good warranty support from the manufacturers in the rare case that a problem occurs. 

Does a new boiler have to be fitted on an outside wall?

Whilst it is usually easier to install a boiler on an external wall, it is not compulsory.  There are various fluing options available to us which make the position of the boiler more flexible.


Energy Efficiency

What is the most cost effective way of saving energy?

The most cost effective way of saving energy is to insulate your home, particularly the loft or roof space. The standard for loft insulation in new homes is 250mm thickness of fibreglass, if your home has less than 150mm you should consider increasing it. You may be entitled to a grant click here for details

Why are modulating controls better?

Modulating controls act directly on the burner of the boiler to adjust the output to match the heat load required, a bit like the accelerator pedal in your car. click here for more info

What is weather compensation?

Weather compensating  (WC) controls adjust the boiler flow temperature according to the external temperature. When it is colder outside, more heat is lost from the fabric of the building, requiring more heat from the boiler to maintain the inside temperature.  In warmer weather the flow temperature is automatically reduced thereby saving fuel.

What is Opentherm?

Opentherm is a two way communication protocol for boilers and room controls. Information is passed back and forth between the boiler and the controller enabling the boiler to operate efficiently. Click here for more info

How much can you save me on my heating bills?

The amount of saving will vary from one property to another.  We have evidence from customers who have had our energy efficient systems fitted of savings up to 25% on their gas usage, coupled with increased comfort levels.

Water Softeners

What are the benefits of a water softener?

The benefits of a water softener are numerous.
  • Immediate savings on heating energy
  • Cuts down on repair, replacement and maintenance of pipes and appliances
  • Puts the sparkle back into baths, sinks, showers, crockery and glassware
  • No more blocked shower heads, scum rings in the bath or furred kettles
  • Acts as a natural conditioner on fibres as well as your own hair and skin
  • Gives rich lather from very little soap, and crystal clear water for rinsing
  • Saves on washing machine and dishwasher chemicals

Why should I choose a Harveys Water Softener over cheaper models? 

Harveys Softeners are built in Great Britain from British made parts, many cheaper softeners are assembled from cheaper parts from overseas.
The twin cylinder technology used in Harveys Softeners means that your softener is working to soften your water 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, even whilst regenerating. Single cylinder softeners allow hard water to pass into your system during the regeneration cycle.
Harveys Softeners only use 17 litres of water per regeneration cycle, compared to some models which use up to 80 litres.
Harveys Softeners do not require an electrical supply, they use a patented displacement meter to measure your water usage and ensure regeneration only takes place when needed, saving on salt. For further information Click Here  

Is softened water safe to drink?

For most people softened water is perfectly safe to drink. The only people who should not drink softened water are those on a low sodium diet and infants under 3 months old. Please see this booklet for full information

How much will a softener cost me? 

The price of a water softener will vary depending on the plumbing in your home, your water usage, the water hardness in your area etc. etc. The average household will recover the cost of the softener in approximately two years through reduced energy and cleaning/bathing product costs, and will continue to benefit from cost savings for the life of the softener.
Can I use softened water in my heating system?
For several years some boiler manufacturers have stated that softened water will damage the heat exchanger in their boilers. Research has been carried out by the BSI and this has shown that there is no increased risk of corrosion to a heat exchanger from softened water.
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